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Canvas Prints and Mounted Canvases

Transform your artwork into stylish, eye catching canvas
prints. Reproduce original works of art, treasured
photographs or commercial designs onto 340gsm satin or
matt artist's canvas with pigment or solvent inks. These can
be supplied rolled for you to frame or stretched over 1"~2"
wooden gallery frames. The frames are manufactured in
house to facilitate bespoke sizing if required, please call for

The pigment inks give full colour, quality reproductions of all
artwork. Ideal for works displayed in galleries or the domestic
environment. These can be printed up to 59" wide by any
length. All can be finished with an Acryl lacquer, spray
coating, for protection.

Prints using solvent inks have the same high quality colour,
with the added advantage of being water and scuff resistant.
Durable solvent ink prints up to 62"wide, by any length, are
ideal for the commercial or corporate premises, as contact
with most household cleaning products will not affect the
print. Pubs, restaurants, office reception areas, all will be
enhanced with large or small canvases. They are also
suitable for outdoor use, if mounted on suitable backing or

Our design team will be pleased to carry out work to
enhance your supplied image should this be required.
Colour matching, red-eye removal and other subtle
alterations can be carried out, subject to inspection of